Dr. Nora Fahlberg

Originally in healthcare, my career was tragically shortened by lousy drivers. But it’s hard to keep me down, so I reinvented myself by taking my skills into the film industry part-time while teaching life sciences in adult education. Fortunately, I’d trained myself to get over my fear of public speaking by….doing lots of public speaking. Facing our fears, something, something, something.

After I got over the fear, I found that I really enjoyed teaching. I enjoyed finding was to make learning fun, and helping my students understand. Seeing the light come on in people’s eyes when they understand never gets old.

Recently I decided that I wanted to teach again. But I wanted a different topic. Something challenging.  Something meaningful. So I pondered.

What was needed? What could I do?

It was then that the #MeToo movement and its stories resonated with me.

Everyone seems to be focused on the aftermath. Sometimes problems require a proactive approach… and so my workshop, books, and coaching program came into being.

And that’s enough about me, because this project isn’t about me. It’s about helping other women; you, and your friends, sisters, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters. 





Public Speaker

Seasoned, engaging speaker for any size group or audience.

Email me to let me know your particular needs.


Extensive experience enlightening minds for over two decades.

Available for private confidence and assertiveness coaching. Contact me for rates.


Advocacy for empowerment and encouragement to stand up for ourselves and others against bullies and harassers.